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Grand opening of the new Garden Center "Darwin"

The second Garden Centre "Darwin" opened the doors to all its customers last April 18, 2014, in Moscow. The total area of the new Garden Center is 1.5 hectares. Available for visitors, the parking lot accommodates more than 120 cars. 
A hot, a cold greenhouse and a huge outdoor exhibition area of 5 thousand square meters compose the new structure.  This new Garden Center and its developing concept was monitored and supported by the best floral specialists from Russia and Europe. Among these, our company, Organizzazione Orlandelli. We provided design, consulting services and supplied our product line for the most of the sales area, such as aluminum benches with optional, hexagonal benchescabriolet carts and potting tables.

"Darwin" – a State-of-the-art point of sale, is located on one of the main roads of the city of Moscow.  These are the strengths of the Garden Center:

• Unique point and leader on the local market 
• Affordable Ideas for gardening 
• Comfort and simplicity