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PRO Landscape software easy to use

PRO Landscape software is a program for gardeners, landscapers and people working in the green.
The software for gardens Pro-Landscape works both on planimetrical side and on photographical one.
This provides two advantages: the photo of parks and gardens helps the gardener to convince the customer of the goodness of his project, then the plan is for those who actively carry out the green project.

The software gardening Pro-Landscape has features such as importing images from digital cameras: either by downloading them directly from the camera and uploading from the computer.
After this first step of importing the image, the software presents the user with many ready to use keys to create and enter the grassy area (different types of garden, Italian garden, French garden, landscape, etc.). and to incorporate in the design of the green "objects" like trees, flowers, etc..
The library of these "green objects" is basically made of more than 8,000 types: such objects can be resized, copied to create rows or groups of plants and flowers of the same type, all with a simple click of the mouse buttons.

Once the green project is planned, the Pro-Landscape gardens program allows you to create dramatic effects and effectiveness for example: shadows, the projection in the years of the project so that you can see the simulation of plant growth (each optimized according to their characteristics of growth and development), as well as night vision of the garden to be able to light items (lamps, lights, lights, etc.) and the intensity of light needed to create the final effect you want.

The software Pro-Landscape for gardens can create a 3D visualization of the project that creates a navigable model.
This 3D rendering is interesting because it permits to create changes in the level terrain (hills, changing perspectives, depressions), very useful to put the finishing touches to the garden.

Pro-Landscape finally allows to immediately create jpeg images and videos to be sent to the client. They allow you to view the project as a "before and after". This is a very stunning effect, useful to get a sale.