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IFTF Holland

IFTF from 2 to 4 November 2011 in Holland Vijfhuizen (Holland) - HALL B Stand B8
New International Floriculture trade fair in Holland

02.11.2011 - 04.11.2011

IFTF Holland
Meetings between the Flower Auction and HPP to coordinate the FloraHolland Trade Fair (former Aalsmeer Trade Market) and the International Floriculture Trade Fair IFTF Expo in Vijfhuizen (Aalsmeer) are going smoothly. After having agreed to jointly operate shuttles to facilitate transportation of trade visitors between the two fairs, coordinating media announcements and advertisements in the trade press, it was agreed last week to coordinate the conference and seminar programs of both exhibitions. This in order to avoid overlap of important key note conferences. The proximity of both fairs make is feasable for visitors to attend conference programs of both fairs.

The FloraHolland Trade Fair in Aalsmeer and the IFTF Expo in Vijfhuizen (Aalsmeer) are complementing each other to a full extend, since (in principle) only companies that are not allowed to exhibit in the auction trade show are permitted to exhibit in the IFTF Expo in Vijfhuizen. This 2 sided exhibition concept makes is possible for any national or international floriculture company to exhibit in at least one of the two trade shows. Therefore nobody will have to be refused when wanting to exhibit.

At the same time a full representation of the world floriculture industry can be expected to be displaying, which on its turn will make it extra attractive to choose for the first week of November to visit Holland.

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