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Agri Garden è Natali is renewed with Orlandelli solutions

Agri Garden è Natali is renewed with Orlandelli solutions
Today we are with Claudia Natali, owner of "Agri Garden È Natali" in Pescia, in the province of Pistoia (Tuscany), for a short interview about her Agri Garden and the renovation project that has just been completed.

Claudia, can you briefly introduce us to the “Agri Garden È Natali”?
Agri Garden È Natali is a historical activity on the one hand and a totally new one on the other. Let me explain: the business comes from a long tradition because it was previously managed by my father and my grandfather before him; we are talking about a historical activity for this place and a tradition for the family. Both my father and my grandfather mainly marketed vases, soil and furnishing accessories. With me and my husband Fabio joining the business, we decided instead to review the type of sale. Now we offer many more plants than in the past and the business has a more agricultural and less commercial character.

When was the decision to renovate your store made and what prompted you to do it?
We decided to renovate our Agri Garden in 2018, driven by the right combination of recklessness and passion. Choosing to work in a business close to home also allows us to be closer to our two little children, reconciling family-work rhythms in the best possible way.

How did you discover Organizzazione Orlandelli and how did you get in touch with us?
I have always known Orlandelli Organization because it was present at trade fairs and because Orlandelli equipment was already used in my father's agriculture. For these reasons I thought about you when the idea of renewing the business came about.

What struck you most about the layout we have prepared for you?
Mainly the aesthetics, the new image that you were able to give to our Agri Garden. I was struck by how your team of designers immediately had a clear vision of what the result would be, working on a solid basis where space management and product positioning were already clear.

How has your way of working changed now that you have installed Orlandelli tables and displays in your store?
We save a lot of time in irrigating with your tables and this despite our structure does not have the loading and unloading system because the basic structure already existed and did not provide it. Even in summer, water management is simpler: we can simply fill the tanks instead of constantly wetting, saving a lot of time. This solution allows us to stay even one day without rewetting, making the work much easier. We have also noticed that plants have also benefited, thanks also to the use of the capillary mats that allows them to be kept properly moist.

How have customers reacted and how has their shopping experience in the store changed?
Our customers immediately noticed a neater appearance and told us that the new layout allows for a better view of the products. Being able to propose such an orderly Garden sets us apart and that was precisely our aim. In addition to wanting to stand out for the service, we wanted a more particular exhibition, which would allow us to be more competitive than other Gardens and the large-scale retail trade.
In addition to the new display organization, your shopping carts were also very popular with customers because, especially in spring when there is a lot of material to buy, they are used a lot, facilitating the customer's shopping experience.

Are you satisfied with the result?
Yes, a lot and I'm not just talking about the result, or the development strictly linked to the project: the thing I appreciated most is the relationship that has been established, based on mutual esteem and the great availability of all the departments of the Organizzazione Orlandelli. Once the work is finished, your staff is always available, assisting us and responding to our every need. This is very important to us.

Thank you, Claudia, for the time you have dedicated to us and for choosing Organizzazione Orlandelli to renovate your Agri Garden.