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2024 Garden Trends Report: Eco-Optimism Inspires New Trends

2024 Garden Trends Report: Eco-Optimism Inspires New Trends

Organizzazione Orlandelli is pleased to translate and distribute the new 2024 Garden Trends Report by Garden Media Group to offer industry professionals a glimpse into the future. GTR24 presents seven upcoming trends positioned to influence consumer behavior in the coming year, united by the overarching theme of eco-optimism. This theme underscores the green industry's potential to alleviate eco-anxiety among the 1.2 billion young people striving to contribute positively to the climate. By illustrating the benefits of planting native plants and minimizing traditional cultivation (to avoid waste), the industry is poised to be a positive beacon and promote loyal enthusiasts.

The report provides an analysis focused on seven distinct buyer personas: Digital, Bold, Charming, Eclectic, Elevated, Hopeful, and Incisive. Readers select the persona that best represents them, which takes them directly to the corresponding trend. At any time, people can return to the beginning or explore other trends effortlessly. This dynamic experience allows readers to navigate directly to the trends that resonate with them, making the report a personalized journey of inspiration and discovery.
2024 Garden Trends Report: Eco-Optimism Inspires New Trends

7 Garden Trends: How to Reach and Delight Your Target Audience

Here is a brief overview of each persona and the corresponding trend:
  • Digital: This person is attracted to the latest technologies and uses them to improve their gardening experience. They may use smart irrigation systems, gardening apps, or even drones to monitor their plants.
  • Bold: This person is not afraid to make a statement with their garden. They may use bright colors, unusual plant combinations, or even architectural elements to create a unique and eye-catching garden.
  • Charming: This person is attracted to all things whimsical and fanciful. Their garden may be full of fairy gardens, birdhouses, or other whimsical elements.
  • Eclectic: This person loves to mix and match different styles and elements in their garden. Their garden may be a mix of formal and informal elements, different types of plants, and even different cultures.
  • Elevated: This person seeks to create a luxurious and sophisticated garden experience. They may use high-end materials, such as marble or granite, or incorporate elegant elements, such as fountains or pergolas.
  • Hopeful: This person sees their garden as a place to connect with nature and create a more sustainable future. They may focus on planting native plants, attracting pollinators, or growing their own food.
  • Incisive: This person loves bright colors and bold patterns in their garden. Their garden may be a riot of color, with flowers and leaves in every shade of the rainbow.
Which model do you identify with? What actions can you take to attract a new audience? Request now your free copy of the 2024 Garden Trends Report to learn about the trends that best align with your customers or that can attract new ones!