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2021 Garden Trends Report - part one


This year's report offers a peek into what will be trending in horticulture in 2021 and beyond.
These six industry trends are going to shape the future post COVID-19, push business strategy pivots, and create a shift in home and work design.

The 2021 Garden Trends Report Highlights:

•   How businesses have altered their strategies to come out successful during the pandemic
•   What future cities will look like
•   How people will adjust their home spaces to accommodate the new way of stay-at-home life
•   Finding joy and gratification in new ways

Improve Era - pag.6

Improve Era - pag.6
From delivery to curbside pickup, the supply chain has changed forever.
Successful businesses of the future will shift their models and be open to quick change.

According to the NGA survey, in 2019, only 14% of garden shopping was done online, similar to grocery sales of the same year. ​
​If grocery curbside pick-up increased 90% during quarantine, then we will have to expect garden sales did the same.​.


Broadacre cities - pag.11

Broadacre cities - pag.11

One hundred years ago, famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright designed a settlement called Broadacre City.  ​
These were super grids of one-acre+ family homesteads designed to help communities thrive.

“Citizens of the future will have production, distribution, self-improvement, and enjoyment within a radius of a hundred and fifty miles of his home.”​
However, this model never truly took off, and our cities grew and grew.


Report by Garden Media Group - Translated and distributed by Organizzazione Orlandelli

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