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Garden Trends Report 2018 - second part


GARDEN TRENDS REPORT 2018 - second part

GARDEN TRENDS REPORT 2018 - second part


Instead of seeing plants as objects in a sea of mulch, think of our gardens as social networks.

Walk through a forest and you’ll see that every square inch of soil is covered with a mosaic of interlocking plants.

The big shift in horticulture will be from “thinking about plants as individuals to communities of interrelated species.”


Purple is the New Color of Health

According to the USDA, purple antioxidants, or anthocyanins, help fight cancer, have anti-aging benefits, reduce obesity, and protect the heart.

And purple food promotes mental strength.

Nutritionists and celebrity health proponents are constantly advising people (and posting on Instagram) to eat more purple food. 
The 2018 report, Nature’s Rx for Mental Wellness, introduces seven industry trends that inspire a cleaner, more relaxed state-of-mind. It shows that when we disconnect from media and reconnect with Mother Nature, we can make steps towards rebuilding our mental wellness.

In this report you will find:
- What is driving the increasing consumer desire for mental wellness 
- How the climate is changing the way we garden globally and locally, indoors and out
- How to inspire Millennials to garden year-round
- The hottest color of the season
- Download the report today to become an insider, influencer and leader.

This research has been developed thanks to an international network of experts in the Garden field. In some ways it is specific for the US market, but even so with this research Garden Media Group gives precious information about worldwide trends.
By translating this research Organizzazione Orlandelli gives a useful and efficient working tool to plan a successful 2018!
Read carefully this research, staying focused and share it with you staff.


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