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VASH SAD, the new Garden Center in Odessa

Organizzazione Orlandelli is proud to present the new garden VASH-SAD, recently opened in a shopping center in Odessa.
Ukraine is a very dynamic market, always looking for solutions that can add value to heir shops.
Starting from this premise the natural collaboration with the Organizzazione Orlandelli team, which, after a deep analysis, has identified the needs of VASH SAD. The design phase involved the layout design and then the rendering.
The result is a perfectly organized place with modern lines that invites customers to enter and discover all the displaied plants and flowers on benches shelves.
One of the main goals of this project was to create the right harmony between the exhibition space outside and inside the store: the finalresult definitely rewards the cooperation between Organizzazione Orlandelli staff and the VASH-SAD team.
We want to thank Igor Golubev for his confidence.
I want to express my sincere gratitude to Organizzazione Orlandelli for the equipment provided for our Garden Center "Vash Sad". The delivery was made accurately and timely. The equipment was easy to assemble and install, but the most important thing is to see that all the displays are perfectly integrated into the design of the exhibition space and the plants exposed look more attractive: the customers really like the new environment, and they spend their time with pleasure in the garden center and are more likely to make purchases. We want to make a special thanks to the Russian-speaking manager Xenia Lazareva - thanks to its participation, being in touch with a foreign company did not generate any misunderstanding and all the possible difficulties were solved easily and quickly. Igor Golubev
VASH SAD, the new Garden Center in Odessa