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Vrtlarija Saric, a new store, sales point in Livno

Orlandelli Group is proud to present you the new store "VRTLARIJA SARIC," recently opened in the Shopping Mall of Livno.

Our staff prepared, in coordination with Anto and Tonka, the design of their beautiful store for flowers, plants and weddings gadgets, creating a layout designed specifically to meet the customer needs and to enhance the value of the goods on display.

The store is designed using the Julia Wood Line, entirely of PEFC, certified timber which guarantees the provenance of raw materials from sustainable forests.

The result is a shop with modern and elegant lines, where the warmth of the wood and the bright tones are dominating inviting the customers to browse every corner of the sales floor.  Special attention was given to the packing area using a dedicated working bench.

 A thanks to Anto and Tonka for their confidence in our company.
"Thanks guys!! The shop is doing very well, it’s very bright and looks amazing. We constantly receive many compliments from everyone, visitors and clients."
Tonka Krešo