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Cabriolet convertible trolley
Cabriolet convertible trolley
Cabriolet convertible trolley
Cabriolet convertible trolley
Cabriolet convertible trolley
Cabriolet convertible trolley
Cabriolet convertible trolley
Cabriolet convertible trolley
Cabriolet convertible trolley
Cabriolet convertible trolley
Cabriolet convertible trolley
Cabriolet convertible trolley
Cabriolet convertible trolley
Cabriolet convertible trolley
Cabriolet convertible trolley
Cabriolet convertible trolley

Cabriolet convertible trolley

price each309.00
Each unit includes:
✔️ 1 Convertible Kit
✔️ 1 Base
✔️ 4 Shelves
✔️ 4 DC water trays
✔️ 4 Capillary mats
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Without DC water trays
With DC water trays
With canopy
1 unit
4 units
6 units
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price each309.00
products total1,854.00
Order total1,884.00
Full Description
The perfect Exhibition rack for vegetable plants, herbs and seasonal flowers.

If you are looking for a display that fully satisfies your display needs for vegetable plants, herbs and seasonal flowers, Orlandelli has the smartest solution, practical and affordable, on the market. 

Outstanding outlook:
The simple and smart design matches with the relevance of the product on display. Where possible, we recommend to follow a vertical display method, by color or variety, thereby creating a better visibility of the assortment offered to our customer.

Practical: The rack is an evolution of the classic Convertible cart DC or CC. What Orlandelli group invented and patented is the system that allows you to open and fold the rack, turning the classic transportation cart to an exhibition item.

Affordable: If you already have DC or CC racks, you can buy the Kit system alone and use it on your existing carts. Clearly and in this case, your investment will be extremely reduced, having the full benefits of the Cabriolet Rack.
Cabriolet convertible trolley
The Cabriolet Cart is a development of the classic DC/CC trolley for transportation of plants and flowers. 
With the addition of a patented system, you can transform the classic cart in a beautiful display thanks to the open and close mechanism. 

The system, called Cabriolet KIT, has the ability to tilt the cart in five positions showing an excellent scale-view for your products. The open and close system of five points, is ideal for those who need to move frequently the cart, for instance, from outside to indoor. The item can be combined with a colored Sun-drop, giving a very nice and attractive appearance.

The advantages of the Cabriolet convertible cart compared to a DC/CC trolley used for selling plants and flowers:
  • +35% more light for your vegetable garden, aromatic and seasonal flowering plants
  • +25% view of your products thanks to the patented opening system
  • +40% sales recorded by our customers' data during high seasonality periods
Composed of:

- 1 base with casters (2 fixed, 2 swiveling)
- Our patented convertible frame kit
4 shelves
- 4 capillary mats
4 water trays (optional)


1) Combines the handliness of the "Danish" trolley with the attractiveness of a display
2) Opens and closes in seconds, saving time
3) Worry-free and easy maneuverability thanks to strong casters
4) Undisputed versatility for garden centers and retails shops

Opened L 1.350 W 1.265 H 1.570 mm
Closed L 1.350 W 565 H 1.645 mm

Weight: Kg. 79 - Volume: m3 0,6
Cabriolet trolley 160 video presentation
The Cabriolet trolley for displaying plants and flowers is born from the Unistandard Danese trolley, ideal equipment for the design of nurseries, garden centers and flower and plants shop.
The uniqueness of Cabriolet trolley is the 5 stage tilt system that allows the most efficient display of flowers and plants in showrooms, shops, greenhouses and nurseries.
The Cabriolet trolley has a patented system for the stages of tilt, which allows you to easily open and close the display, in order to increase business efficiency and sales of trolley.
To improve the quality of plants and flowers on display, we recommend the use of Unistandard water trays on the shelves. This is because Unistandard water trays are designed and manufactured with special "greek" slits to optimize the irrigation of plants exposed.
This system, preventing the plants to come into direct contact with water, prevents the risk of root asphyxia.
The Cabriolet trolley is easily handling thanks to four-wheel trucks.

To make the Cabriolet Trolley even more attractive for the customers, a colored canopy can be added.
1) Adds handiness of the 'Danish' trolley to the attractiveness of a displayer.
2) A few seconds to open/close the cabriolet trolley avoiding waste of time.
3) Easy handling thanks to its strong wheels without worrying for damage.
4) Allows to use 'Danish' unistandard shelves. Versatilit y in ever y use The cabriolet trolley's versatility is undisputable for shops, Garden Centres, large retailers and fair exhibitions. Easy to use and low cost function make the cabriolet trolley functional in every situation.
GARDEN CENTRES AND SHOPS: for those who need to expose outside, a shop or a Garden Centre and handle and plants continuously during the day, the cabriolet trolley is certainly the most suitable. A quick handling is guaranteed by the possibility to open/close in a few seconds.

LARGE RETAILERS: the widespread cabriolet trolley can be used for special offers. High and speedy efficiency from the unloading zone to the retailing area is assured, reducing manpower incidence. Maximum plant displaying per square meter using a vertical layout. Introducing the unistandard water trays, the retailing area will look clean and tidy.

HAWKERS: the cabriolet trolley has been designed specifically for this purpose. The mission is to unload quickly from the truck and to dedicate time to selling. The use of a PVC canopy makes it unique and in evidence. The canopy is available in white/red, white/green and white/yellow colouring.

WHOLESALERS AND RETAILERS: the cabriolet trolley uses the same dimensions and the same shelves as the 'Danish' unistandard trolleys as well as the CC type. This way, you will simplify and speed up handling of the plateaux.
1) It is possible to change the position according to the height of the plants through a buttonhole structure. The water trays, included, preserve plants and keep the area clean, moreover they prevent water as well as soil to fall down.
2) The opening/closing mechanism guarantees maximum rapidity and easy handling.

The Organizzazione Orlandelli's experience is unique in its kind. Since 5 generations, the Orlandelli Group, composed also by the imposing Garden Centre Valle dei Fiori, operates to create highly specific equipments for this field. Among other activities, peddling plants is the most historical one. The wasting of time to prepare the plants on shelves have catalyzed the idea to create a trolley that helps out in organising and selling. Thanks to the open/close system, loading/unloading and displaying timing have been reduced. An inclined displaying gives the possibility to divide plants in colour and type.
The cabriolet trolley has been patented and has been awarded with several international appreciations. But the major success got on top from our clients worldwide such as large retailers, Garden Centres and hawkers who were very satisfied.

N.B. who has already the 'Danish' base and shelves, the kit frame can be purchased.