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The new combination signed by Orlandelli


The new combination signed by Orlandelli
There is a relationship between the place where you buy a product and the product itself.
Furnishing the point of sale efficiently and with style is the goal we wished to achieve when we designed our solution for the counter and the areas behind and in front.
On average, customers stop at the floral department for several minutes, choosing a bouquet or waiting for an arrangement or for a potted plant to be wrapped, therefore it is
important to create a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere.
The new combination signed by Orlandelli

We have been designing and building wrap counters for flower shops and garden centers for years. Based on this experience, we have developed an efficient counter for florists which comes with:
•  A large ceramic top, elegant and easy to clean, for durability and ease of use.
•  Several drawers specifically designed to store ribbons and rolls of wrapping paper.
•   A cupboard for the wastebasket.

The new combination signed by Orlandelli

The Counter’s Design
Designed by our Architects, the wrap counter is beautiful and with a unique and recognizable style. The two front compartments, lit by LED lights, inter-play by differentiating heights and color shades. These compartments offer an excellent set up for displaying flower arrangements or bouquets.

The composition:

  • Behind the counter  The counter is not everything, meaning that it is possible to do more to convey one’s style and personality to the point of sale.The solution for the area behind the counter consists of a cabinet that relies on a distinct look and artfully designed harmony. Even though the cabinet is of considerable size, the symmetrical design brings balance and a pleasant look.The large glass doors that act as display windows are complemented by additional display compartments decorated with ceramics backdrops that bring the focus back to the centerpiece of the composition, the counter.  The area behind the counter is also equipped with LED lamps to highlight objects and compositions positioned below.Our Designers were inspired by the ergonomics of the work areas of old fashion Italian village shops where merchants optimized every square meter to make their job easier. For the same reason, the cabinet is equipped with dispensers of floral foil, sliding panels concealing all different kinds of supplies and clean surfaces where to place the work tools.
The new combination signed by Orlandelli
  • The front
    The front has been designed to be as serviceable and versatile as the behind the counter area and, above all, in sync with the rest of the composition.
    The tables, made with wood and ceramics just like the counter and the cabinet, belong to our line of furnishing named Amor.
    The simple design of these three tables adds substantial value to the floral arrangements displayed.
    Here too we used different heights to create a smooth balance among the goods on display.

The Flooring
Planning such a strategic area, one has to take into account every single aspect and a coordinated flooring can positively affect the entire design of the point of sale.
To meet this requirement, we created 1 mt x 1 mt wood tiles that can easily be connected thanks to “joining wood biscuits”.
The tiles, placed side by side and secured, form an actual flooring.

Why so much development
To achieve such user friendliness and harmonious design, first-hand experience and engineering skills are required.
At Organizzazione Orlandelli we combine the knowledge acquired by the associates of the affiliated companies with the skills of our designers.
We build displays and furnishings that will last for years to come because we believe that setting up a point of sale for Plants and Flowers is a work in progress.