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Wire-mesh trolley

Wire-mesh trolley

Cart composed by 1 BASE + 4 COLUMNS (shelves NOT included, sold separately)
1350 mm
1 unit
5 units
15 units
30 units
60 units
The Grid Cart is the ideal cart for garden plants.
Organization Orlandelli has designed this new trolley model to meet the new market needs, creating a more resistant and durable trolley.
The new Orlandelli Organization Grid Trolley is made entirely of Made in Italy galvanized iron.

There are two sizes available: the 1350 mm version with the same measures as the standard “Danish Container” trolley and the version with a length increased to 1430 mm adapted for the plateaux of the vegetable plants. In both versions, the trolley consists of movable grid shelves (optional, sold separately, link)
The base, which is also a welded iron grid, has two reinforced galvanized plates at the ends, in correspondence with the swivel wheels. In addition to these two plates, the base is reinforced by two other "U" profiles in welded iron.
Finally, the inserts for the columns are placed at the corners of the base.

Furthermore, the Grid Trolley is suitable for the production and logistics of mushrooms and many other varieties.

Shelves not included