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Perceived Value


A new ingredient that will distinguish points of sale

Despite the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic were felt by our industry, floriculture suffered much less than other sectors which saw their revenues cut significantly.

Based on experts’ opinions, emerging trends and the vibes reported by the industry professionals we talk to daily, Spring 2021 looks like it could be a strong season for the sector as families will continue dealing with a new normal made of less travel and more time at home and in the yard.

Despite the continued growth for online sales, physical stores like Garden Centers are still preferred by consumers due to the nature of the product being sold. Plants and flowers are a marvelous sight.

It is necessary therefore to organize the point of sale creating a welcoming and safe environment. A safe environment is a perception the consumer will be considering when deciding where to shop.

How to set up a point of sale that meets the current expectations of the market while improving the exhibition space?

At Organizzazione Orlandelli we have created layouts and concepts that keep in mind the new market’s needs.

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(image) instead of dead ends try creating a layout that allows continuous flow and social distancing.