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It's time for your new project


It's time for your new project

With the pandemic the sale of plants and flowers has reached very high levels and that because there was a significant increase of private gardening, balconies included.
It is now necessary to focus on the improvements to be applied to the dedicated store, which have to be readapted to face the new market trends and also to welcome new costumer that have join with great enthusiasm the Garden world.

In this auspicious moment, it’s time for your new projects.

According to “The World After Lockdown”, a recent studies made by Nomisma, the italians who dedicate time to the cure of their private green areas, have incrased from 16 to 19 million. It is interesting to notice, due to the change of lifestyle, that many of the new gardening passionated are millennials.

If with the ending of the lockdown it’s predictable that some people will come back gradually to its pre-Covid19 habits, many others don’t and then retail shop will must know how to welcome them and build loyalty relation.

If you are thinking that the times to renew your Garden Center, Market or dedicated area for plants and flowers comes, on you can find ideas and “turnkey” solutions or customized layout.
Our Team, constitued by highly and specialized staff with thirty years of experience in the design of plants and flowers sale points, will be able to provide you useful tips with the purpose to optimize and enhance your environment, making it beautiful, welcoming and in step with the times.

It’s time for your new project.

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