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One of the secrets to make money in Floriculture

One of the secrets to make money in Floriculture
One of the secrets to earn money in our business is definitely "be efficient when you need it".

In the floricultural sector is very simple: from mid-February to the end of June things are getting crazy, therefore, being efficient in this period is crucial to increasing the sales.  Everything has to work in the best possible way, from the staff to the logistics and to the perfect exhibition method: having a smart layout with functional elements, highlights every detail. This is essential to increase the sales of plants and flowers.

The exhibition, or layout, should be studied in order to obtain the maximum revenue, and yes, every single inch of space in the greenhouse or nursery must give the maximum profitability. It’s important to organize the space in order to maximize the square meters that we decide to devote to the show.
One of the secrets to make money in Floriculture
When we talk about selling in areas bigger than 2,500 square meters, products like the large bench of 1.6 mt by 3 mt., allow you to expose up to 27 crates of plants and up to 36 crates with the raised shelf/top bench (equivalent to 9 shelves rack).   In order to optimize the exhibition area, in addition to the available space on the table, you can also take advantage of the flooring under the bench using pallets carrying soil or other products related to the plants in display. Finally, there is the possibility to enrich your benches with accessories making possible to increase, even more, the display capacity and the aesthetics look, using, for instance, the end-cap or the wood stair step display.

Use exhibitors like aluminum benches with accessories, allows us to reshape the sales area and achieve maximum results in sales and be efficient when we need it. Orlandelli Group is following a clear concept that bases its principles on exhibition logics, result of years of experience in this industry. PASSION, EXPERIENCE, CREATIVITY and DEDICATION are the key values that characterize our company and make it known worldwide.

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