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IPM Essen 2015: several innovations presented at the INSPIRATION CENTER

IPM Essen 2015: several innovations presented at the INSPIRATION CENTER
Orlandelli Group presented, at the IPM in Essen / Germany, a new lighting system that applies across the board of the aluminum benches and all other products & accessories available in the Orlandelli’s catalog. The led lighting system has been presented specifically with Orchids, with reasons. The Phalenopsis, In addition to being a very beautiful plant, is one of the top plants sold in Europe and has become a trendy product.

As a result of new farming techniques and the introduction of LED lamps, the Orchids production time have been reduced from 52 to 40 weeks.  Those plants, once ready to be sold, are stressed because sudden change of production environmental conditions (the transportation is not second to it). This "overhang" determines in many cases the non-flowering of all the buds on the Phalaenopsis. Thanks to the led lights used by the Orlandelli Group on its exhibitors, the plants life conditions are similar to the original growing places, providing a positive impact towards blooming.
IPM Essen 2015: several innovations presented at the INSPIRATION CENTER
The Led lights are cold (temperature of 6000° kelvin) consisting of strips of lamps that operate at 24V, which allows you to use a low voltage and therefore have more guarantees on the lifespan of the individual diodes (LEDs). These lamps, fitted on Orlandelli’s exhibitors through aluminum bars, are special made to protect the LED strip from dust and external agents, besides and placed to dissipate the heat from the components ensuring a long last of the product. In addition, to increase security from water/moisture, we have waterproofed sealing at the extremities of the lamps. The wiring system, with quick connectors, allows a fast and simple installation even on older displays.

In addition to the beneficial effects that the lights provides, we should not underestimated the added high aesthetic value of the lights bars. Below, in the photo gallery, you will notice the effects data.
At the IPM 2015, Orlandelli Group have had the honor to host and pay tribute to one of the greatest Garden Centers architects of in the world, Ernest Wertheim. The architect Ernest Wertheim stayed at the booth for the entire duration of the exhibition. Ernest presence was of great help to all customers who visited our booth and   shared their thoughts and projects with him. Ernest Wertheim did not fail to deliver high-level technical tips and experiential details. He made a unique experience throughout the week of the fair to us as well, the Orlandelli staff. Thank you Ernest.