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Mondo Verde Garden Center, indoor remodeling

Mondo Verde Garden Center remodeled the area dedicated to indoor plants a few months ago. Alessandro Puccinelli, Cofounder of the beautiful Green World Garden Center located in Gattatico, contacted us for a makeover of the area dedicated to green plants. Green World was defined by Green Line magazine as "one of Italy's most interesting Garden Centers". In fact, just a look at the structure from the outside gives a very positive perception of the store.

Favored by geographical proximity, we met Alexander at the point of sale in order to assimilate as much information as possible on the new project idea, more generally, the entire Garden Center. The study of partial restyling of a store is a delicate practice in which you should enter perfectly into the existing business dynamics.

After identifying Alexander’s needs, we moved on to the design stage which consists of: A thorough analysis, the sketching of the layout and then render.
The area was developed by using our range of aluminum benches. Beautiful, but above all, versatile because they vary by measures and shapes.
The layout design took into account a fundamental point of the exhibition: the height of the plants to be exhibited.

Placed strategically, the use of the hexagonal benches has created a great point attraction. The End-Cap, placed at the end of the benches, characterize the main path and at the same time, allow you to direct the customer into sub-paths. To give the area a more impressive makeover, we used the graphics, a visual communication tool indispensable to enhance the plants on display.

The Green World Garden Center is the definition of a family owned business. Mr. Puccinelli along with all his family members and dedicated employees said that they were very satisfied with the work done and the results obtained.

Satisfying our customers is very important for us because in addition to aesthetics, we focus on functionality and product quality. We don't just sell bench exhibitors, we create the best possible solution to display plants, flowers and anything alike.

Only those who have experience from generation to generation and develop projects daily, like Green World, are able to identify the needs of a changing market.

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