La Valle dei Fiori

La Valle dei Fiori
In 1989 the holder Orlandelli Ugo create, near Mantua, the wonderful Garden Center "Valle dei Fiori"; The garden is one of the largest in Italy, with its 10,000 square meters and 65,000 square meters of greenhouses nursery.

Valle dei Fiori is not just a shopping center where you can find everything for the green and flowery, but a real natural paradise to everyone, where you can immerse yourself while relaxing and dreaming. The garden becomes a point of reference for those who want to approach the green as personal enrichment, as irreplaceable kit for your home, such as recreation and as a source of new energy.

Valle dei Fiori embodies the philosophy of those who love green and increases it in all its many and endless variety ranging from the local to the most spectacular species from distant areas. All this comes in a complex multi-faceted, highly spectacular and easily accessible; where all is well in sight, cataloged and priced to put the customer in a position to get purchase with ease and clarity.
Step by step, proposal after proposal, the Valle dei Fiori has been enriched in every single variety of flowers and plants that make a fine display in the large greenhouses, such as along the walkways outside, with all the practical concept of self - service.

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