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GIARDINI Valle dei Fiori

GIARDINI Valle dei Fiori
GIARDINI Valle dei Fiori is a company of Mantua, who is responsible for the design, construction and professional maintenance of gardens and green spaces for private homes, businesses and government agencies. GIARDINI Valle dei Fiori designs gardens, terraces, roof gardens, parks, irrigation systems and in-ground pools. It also produces excavations and earthworks, lawns, flower beds, hedges, redevelopment project and reforestation.
GIARDINI Valle dei Fiori is also able to offer a service and maintenance that goes from mowing the lawn to the extraordinary killing of trees, through pruning of hedges, vines, roses, shrubs, plants and planting seasonal flowers, selective herbicides or Total, fertilizing, scerbature, to the feedback of the stability of the trees and plant protection treatments. The company provides its customers with services of forestry, plant protection treatments, assessment of the stability of the trees with VTA method and the possibility of setting up both the interior is the open spaces.
The projects of the green areas of private homes managed by GIARDINI Valle dei Fiori respond to the needs of the private client offering practical solutions and customized through a range of services that include the design of ornamental gardens of different styles, achieving the same direction with constant and controlled the yard, the maintenance of green space created by means of innovative equipment.
GIARDINI Valle dei Fiori will also appeal to PUBLIC, which provides for the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of public parks and irrigation systems, the design and implementation of environmental restoration of degraded areas and reforestation.

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