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Automatic wrapping machine

Automatic wrapping machine
Tailor programmed specifically made to wrap floriculture racks, the machine is complete with all necessary accessories to wrap the racks, quickly and safely.   With a plate of 150 cm and a load capacity of 2,000 kg, the disc has a special system to block the racks’ castors; Despite the power of straightening of the plastic film, the cart will be securely locked to ensure the maximum safety for any operator.
To facilitate the placement of the rack, the plate has rails, also called loading ramp.  

The column used is 320 cm high, this allows the packaging of racks with a maximum height of 280 cm, what is more than sufficient for the floriculture sector.

The electronic board controls the turntable, the tension of the film and the speed of the plate, programmed specifically to wrap floriculture racks. The multifunctionality of the programs will facilitate the different needs of packaging you may, for instance, pack baskets of bougainvillea require different specifications from a rack of Chrysanthemums or Geraniums. The automatic function can be easily deactivated. In manual mode, you can handle the packaging of a single rack loaded in a particular way.

After months spent growing your plants it is critical to protect them at the time of packing; the automatic wrapping machine for carts and pallets is an excellent tool which improves the quality of your packing and ensures extra protection for flowers and leaves.