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Which trolley is the best for my floricultural business?

In a difficult economical situation where any company cost must be checked, some reasonable choices must be taken. Trolley choice too. This product, seen as an exchange between customer and suppliers, determines an important choise.
  • Do you want to use a cheap exchange trolley system for you and for all floricultural field? 
  • Do you want  to use a trolley system based to supplier’s choice with no costs or without imposing to whom to buy?  

A lot of Italian and European companies have already decided to work with DC trolleys for evident economical advantages, which are:   
  • The possibility to address to different suppliers ( so, price competition )
  • Best Quality/price relation
  • Low cost  maintenance/repair
  • Absence of fixed costs.
We would like to answer to people who thinks that DC system is ineffective, because in a free market there are always clever people who take advantage of buying bad quality trolleys and give them to their interlocutors.

I’ll never give to a customer or a supplier a bad quality trolley. I can believe someone could do the contrary with me, but working with unfair people is on the agenda. There was a period, years ago, in which, in exchange circuit, some trolleys with bad quality chipboard shelves were used.  Suppliers who delivered plants to their customers on these shelves received a lot of protests and a lot of problems were born due to a not fair exchange. At the end, who bought that kind of shelf in order to same money, had to spend a lot to get back lost customers.

Now that quality of trolleys is a main topic, exchanging bad quality trolleys would be more difficult. So, also trolley used for exchange helps to increase the value of a company.

Today, unlike 10 or 15 years ago, other companies as ours offer services to render trolley reparation more simple and cheaper.

Some companies advertise the choice to use other types of trolleys!  
Some of these companies behave in that way just for personal interest.

I’d like to remember the Honourable Andreotti’s aphorism: “Speaking ill of somebody is a sin, but often we divine!”. We’d like to avoid lawsuits, but before letting influenced, it is important to remember that a free market always spurs new strategies and produces new and different trends. At the contrary, in a monopolistic market, statics is the advantage and the guarantee for people who manage it.

Decide freely where and from which buy, but buy quality trolleys!