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Water basins

Water basins
If you need to restore the basins of your existing benches, Orlandelli Group offers you the possibility to buy exactly what you may need. We have available a wide selection and measures that surely will work for you, otherwise, we can produce other sizes, upon request.  The Basins are of nontoxic PST and are ebb and flow ready. The basins are designed to ensure a uniform irrigation, the drain channels collect exceeding water bringing it back to the point of entry.

The major part of our basins is produced by single injection, this manufacturing technique produces greater strength and durability. Where the measures do not permit it, the basins are designed to be welded to each other with a special silicon based glue. When the practice of gluing is carried out correctly, in 24 hours the glue melt perfectly making the junctions 100 % water proof.

Once the width is defined, the total length of the basins have basically no limits.

Our warehouse is normally stocked with all the standard dimensions that, by the way, fit with our aluminum and wooden structures.  The water supply, is standard supported by one tap and one filter. The basins can have up to 3 taps, useful in greenhouses to divide irrigation, Fertigation and drain.   On request, we can supply a quick valve, designed to reduce and better control the watering times.