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The Google-garden

The Google-garden
Marketing, creativity, fantasy, imagination and landscape design.

During a Convention, held in London few months ago, a Google representative spoke about the power of Google Maps. Google Maps is a superb navigation tool, precise, fast, intuitive and constantly updated. It provides you with any kind of information taking you to the ticket desk at Victoria Station to best restaurant in Bologna, without knowing a name, the street and the numbers.  It works interfacing the information from the search engine with Maps and traffic technology.  Hence the idea to create a 2016 marketing campaign based on Google Maps. Our Brochures, the exhibitions we attend and the web site have been graphically and icon-graphically re-invented and, of course, everything leads to our Head Quarter.

In our imaginary journey we profiled a user interested in finding information on how to setup a new store, a flower shop. The imaginary user starts searching on Google Maps using the keywords "Exhibitor for plants and flowers".

Wherever you are, the idea is that Google Maps indicate the road to Orlandelli Group, ending precisely in the heart of our Head Quarter.  The concept is expressed through graphic stylization of a mobile telephone that displays an unlikely road map. With the same logic with which Google Maps finds the best restaurant or the cheapest Bed & Breakfast, when you search for floral display solutions, the Maps brings you to Orlandelli Group.

It was amazing to design the corporate garden & show room using decidedly retro symbols, in contrast with the futuristic technology of the Maps application. Old road Marble posts on the path sides symbolize the route; the railway beams represent the train ride and the blue bed of Lobelia symbolizes the sea ways. We have not forgotten the ability to reach us by foot or bike using yellow Tagetes.

This original and unique realization, expresses our way of conceiving the projects for the preparation of commercial areas in Greenhouses, Garden Centre, Agricultural sites, shops, supermarkets and box stores. We were “born” in the world of plants, we know their strengths and weaknesses and we know the barriers of producing and trading. Therefore, we are able to design exhibition concepts that will help you to do a better job in floriculture. This way of implementing projects in floriculture, allowed us to create a unique entity, appreciated by customers all over the world.
Marco Orlandelli