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Supply for a Garden Center in Russia, TVOY DOM

Even the luxurious and immense plants’ and flowers’ shop of the chain "Tvoy Dom", part of the Crocus Group, has chosen Organizzazione Orlandelli furnishings to furnish the indoor and outdoor exhibition areas dedicated to the Garden Centre.
The Staff of our interior design office has studied and designed the layout for the part dedicated to the exhibition of plants and flowers. Since this is a very special structure, we went directly to the "site" and we have assisted the customer by providing advices throughout the construction phase of the store. Since the structure is used not only for plants, but also for home and garden furniture, it required a greater effort to create a suitable environment both from the point of view of the climate for the plants and of the image in order to make a structure similar to a Garden Centre.
The shop has four floors, where on the first one we can admire the luxurious area dedicated to the plants. The most attractive area here is that with waterfalls, among which they’ve recreated the scene of a desert with very special cacti plants. The plants shop is a unique area where you can find exclusive flowers, plants and trees from all over the world. Covering an area of ​​about 2,500 square meters, there are exposed more than 10,000 varieties of plants. The displaying of plants, in this luxurious store today is one of the most outfitted throughout Russia.