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Story of success, Home Depot Messico

Story of success, Home Depot Messico
On November 6, 2014, was inaugurated a new Home Depot Center in Monterrey, Mexico. An unusual Grand Opening, where the main attraction was not the "big box" (as nick named in the States) but the Garden Centre.
On The Carretera Nacional in Monterrey, Mexico’s second largest city, you will find at least fifty nurseries and Garden Centers.
Therefore, The Home Depot had to think different and do something special to compete with the other Garden Centre. Doing so, they entrusted the philosophy of Orlandelli Group. The project engaged the company 360° starting with the idea of creating a real Garden Center in -and beside- the Hardware store. From the planning stage to the disposition and the education of the dedicated personnel, Orlandelli Group followed systematically the project providing the best solutions to complete the job. 
The Home Depot is the largest DIY (do-it-yourself) chain in the world, with more than 355,000 employees and nearly 2,300 stores across United States, Canada, Mexico and China. In America, they are leaders in the sale of household products. Many Americans, when browse internet to renew their homes, use the Home Depot website as search engine instead of Google.
It has not been easy to convince the managers, at The Home Depot, to change radically their corporate guidelines. The initial request was related to the "simple" linear module for plants and flowers, replicating the philosophy of the existing 2,300 Home Depot centers. From the very beginning of the discussion, the “concept center” of Orlandelli Group, which –in this case- operates under the brand name of Entergreen proposed a revolutionary alternative to the standard settings.
Distinguishes by our philosophy.
Orlandelli Group goes deeply into every single project, doesn’t matter how large or small. During the presentation of the assignment, the Group explained: "some logical choices of large retailers are not applicable in the Garden Centre. The Plants and flowers are perishable and are not indispensable in the life of the customer and, in fact, the purchase of plants and flowers is tied –usually- to impulse.

The only way to succeed is the level of emotion we can transmit with our new exhibition. For this purpose, we designed a layout called "Emotional line" that was immediately accepted. Few days after the presentation, The Home Depot could tell us that, not only that the project was amazing but that was so exciting that the General Director General decided to double the space dedicated to Garden Centre leaving us  "carte blanche" to carry out the project.

Orlandelli Group is often invited to held speeches in convention around the world to explain the philosophy of managing stores. Easy to explain: "plants and flowers are sold in the extent to which we are able to convey emotions to our clients. Our exhibition sets revolutionize the classical relationship €/Square feet by adding a new formula; €/EMOTION/Square feet.

For Orlandelli Group has been a great success, as well a confirmation of what we always demonstrate. The Home Depot chose to use Orlandelli’s products, which besides being a hallmark, develops Orlandelli’s exhibition concept characterized by a unique philosophy in their genre, especially because studied and realized for more sale and maintenance of high quality products in the points of sale.
Story of success, Home Depot Messico
The Home Depot Mexico.
About 6 months ago, the US leader approaches Orlandelli Group, attracted by the innovative attributes of the system and exhibition solutions. After the preliminary meetings and the first proposal of cooperation, The Home Depot decides to rely completely on Orlandelli Group for planning and preparation of the Garden Center’s area of the brand NEW store.

About two years ago Orlandelli opened the daughter company in the US to ensure every overseas client a high level of service. From Miami, everything was coordinated with the customer while the design and project  was produced by the Italian team.
2 months was the lead-time to realize the project that includes the logic of exhibition, the irrigation system and a serial of advices in terms of gardening Center management. Each project has its own specialties, a hundred years of plant, environmentally protected, has affected positively the layout of the Garden Centre outlining the different areas: seasonal, Indoor Plants, the nursery and the shading area.

The Orlandelli project proposal has reversed completely the exhibition standards -seen so far- at the Home Depot outlets: the state-of-the-art display suitable for reflow, ebb & flow irrigation, the clever use of the benches of different heights, tailor made 2 levels wall display and all the optional, such us top benches, basket holders and graphic displays.
Furthermore, in order to offer a 360°service, Orlandelli Group provided the presence of a professional technician to crosscheck the delivered goods and assist the installation. This last completed the quality circle of Orlandelli’s commitment and superb service level.

Today, the collaboration between the two companies continues; on the horizon, we have new openings and new interventions to remodel other outlets, even in the United States. Orlandelli Group aims to become the major overseas industry leader offering more than 30 years of passion and experience, introducing new working concepts for retailers and Garden Centers.