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Wrapping station combination
Wrapping station combination
Wrapping station combination
Wrapping station combination
Wrapping station combination

Wrapping station combination

Set of wooden tables covered in ceramic
600mm x 600mm x H 600mm
600mm x 600mm x H 800mm
600mm x 600mm x H 1000mm
Composition: front Counter, packaging Counter,Behind Counter
Wrap Counter
Front Area tables
Behind the Counter cabinet

Furnishing the point of sale efficiently and with style is the goal we wished to achieve when we designed our solution for the counter and the areas behind and in front.
You can buy the whole composition or the single components.

  • The wrap counter, the cornerstone of this composition, is beautiful and with a unique and recognizable style. It comes with a large ceramic top, elegant and easy to clean, for durability and ease of use, several drawers specifically designed to store ribbons and rolls of wrapping paper and a cupboard for the wastebasket.
  • The cabinet behind the counter relies on a distinct look and artfully designed harmony that brings balance and a pleasant look. The large glass doors that act as display windows are complemented by additional display compartments decorated with ceramics backdrops. It is equipped with LED lamps to highlight objects and compositions positioned below.
  • The tables for the front area, made with wood and ceramics, belong to our line of furnishing named Amor. We used three different heights to create a versatile and dynamic display, in harmony with the other elements of the composition.

OPTIONAL: being aware that a coordinated flooring can positively affect the entire design of the point of sale, we created 40” x 40” slatted wood tiles that can easily be connected thanks to “joining wood biscuits”.