Redesigns your exhibition space for plants and flowers


The sale of plants and flowers  in the Spring 2020 was caracterized by COVID-19 pandemic which, at first made us think of the worst but then the commercial of plants and flowers restart with an unexpected increase of request.

Garden center, agricoltural, nurseries, and supermarket, have been stormed by the consumers who wanted to create a green space.
The very high turnout of people in the stores has highlighted, for the more attentive to detail, the critical issues of their stores.

How to best organize your exhibition space?

Organizzazione Orlandelli thanks to a team of expert designers and decades of experience in the floriculture sector, idealise, design and realizes exhibition spaces dedicated to the sale of plants and flowers
Whatever is  your project or your idea about the sale of plants and flowers, contact us without any commitment, and request a customized project for your store. Click here