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Floral point of sale in L'Aquila, Italy

Floral point of sale in L'Aquila, Italy
The last day of September, we have had the grand opening of a new floral area in a hypermarket in the town of L'Aquila.

The need to develop the new area came due a careful analysis of sales statistics that showed a steady turnover increase on that field. The hypermarket’s management decided to implement and develop the new sector with a dedicated area at the entrance of the supermarket, appointing a qualified operator to provide consumer support, help them in their purchases and assist in the packing plants.

The design and construction of the store have been entirely entrusted to our company with focus on the specific line of product for these kind of sale areas.  We designed a tailor made layout and replicable because of its modularity. To do this we used a versatile and easily workable material, wood. Not just any wood, but the well-known kind of wood of Julia Wood Line: a PEFC certified product, studied in detail and to highlight the line of exhibitors with aesthetic value.   The project was developed on the idea of creating an emotional small in-shop corner in the purely commercial area, being it a supermarket. The area is semi enclosed overlooking the Mall Gallery and open inwards from the grocery store.

The structure is made of wood and glass, characterized by the wooden fence that remind the country style and have a 360° visibility because delimted by large Windows.  All exhibitors used were developed specifically for the floricultural sector with treated timbers, painted with water-based products and equipped with water trays, or water reservoir, to grant the plants the necessary condition for survival.

Orlandelli Group was able to give the client a turnkey package: realization of concept, design and technical support and installation.
All phases were micro controlled ensuring the customer the highest labor quality: from the transportation to the assembly who was carried out by our technicians in less than 24 hours.

After this extremely successful experience, we are looking forward to set up their next stores to be opened soon, Nationwide.