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PRO Landscape – Is it possible to visualize the garden project in different seasons?


Landscape Design Software PRO Landscape offers several features to create a photo imaging (or plan) project that is not only complete and professional, but also visually effective and impressing.
Among them, the ‘Seasonal Changes’ is definitely of great effect: it allows to automatically visualize the very same project as it would appear in every single season (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter), modifying the look of each ‘green’ element used.



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Setting this feature is very simple and consists in few quick steps, as follows:
1.    Create a photo imaging project normally
2.    Add, for every plant element used in the project, wherever it is not already there, the images related to each missing season: all these, once trimmed and ready, can be added going to ‘Tools’ >> ‘Edit Database and Prices’ and, for every element, ‘Images’
3.    Finally, go to ‘View’ >> ‘Seasons’ in order to choose which season (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) visualize the project in, in case modifying the general light level as well.

Organizzazione Orlandelli’s team always remains at complete disposal for any further needs and clarification.