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Organizzazione Orlandelli presents the book of Robert F. Zurel

09/11/2015 - 09/11/2015

Organizzazione Orlandelli presents the book of Robert F. Zurel
SEPTEMBER 11, 2015 

Robert Zurel is my idol in the worldwide trade of flowers and plants, a movie star like Sylvester Stallone in the 80s or Bruce Willis in the 90s. He was and still is a myth and an extremely important source of knowledge and inspiration!
Once I realized Robert was writing his autobiography I instinctively thought to organize the presentation of the book at the International Festivaletteratura in Mantua.

I love our industry, plants and flowers are fantastic products that bring harmony and happiness to everyone. The downside is that a Nursery does not fall in the range of business getting easy money. Hard work and a lot of passion are required to build a fortune with pot plants and flowers. Fortunately, exceptions prove the rules and Roberto Zurel is a typical example. Not so many years ago, Zurel was a giant, a company with undefined size. Just to give an idea of the economic power of Zurel, at that time he owned a fleet of 110 43’ feet trucks with the name “ZUREL” written on both sides. Not just gold colored, the “Zurel” was plated with pure gold!

As a child, visiting the trade fairs with my father, I was always fascinated by the gadgets Zurel had to offer; ballpoint pens, block notes, coloring pencils, the toy trucks and other insignificant objects. At the age of 14, I met Robert Zurel for the first time, he was a good friend of my father (another myth that sooner or later will need to write a book). From there, the relationship became a sincere friendship. Gianni Murtas, one of the key representatives for Zurel’s Italian market, was the person who introduced me to Robert. It was an open doors event in Aalsmeer. I Remember that Robert took me by the hand and kept me occupied with a lot of questions, even some of those I could never answer: how the trend in Italy was and what I thought about the open doors event, trying to explain me how the new glue strip in the Crisantemina boxes could prevent flowers from sliding and getting damaged.

I was impressed and, still today, I remember every second of that first meeting and am still amazed by how a man of that kind took time to tell a teenager about things and about his stories of success. I think it happened because Robert loved his work and perhaps even the hint of a teenager would give him a chance to improve further. I still wonder how it could happen that a company so solid and driven by a man like him could end in nothing. Even today, Robert Zurel is a myth; in recent years I have relied on his experience and his assistance to make my presentations during worldwide Conventions. I always succeeded. 

There are various types of artist, each with its own natural gift: painter in painting, musician in composing songs and businessman in creating business empires. Robert Zurel is an artist and the presentation of his book will be held by the most famous italian art critic, Professor Vittorio Sgarbi. He will go through the key passages of the book, from Robert’s private life to the business, including historical and artistic treasures that characterized the Zurel dynasty. It is a honor for Organizzazione Orlandelli to organize this event, extending it to its own house and Garden Center and bringing together Robert’s "old" friends and clients.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Marco Orlandelli 


The event has a limited number of participants, booking compulsory. 

or please call us 0376 960311 or email us

*PROGRAMME (Sept. 11)

15:30 - Meeting at Valle Dei Fiori,  via Parma 28 (MN - Italy) 
17:00 - Robert Zurel's book presentation by the Famous art critic Vittorio Sgarbi 
              Confindustria Mantova, via Portazzolo 9 (MN - Italy) 
18:30 - Presentation ends
19:30 - Dinner with finger food at Valle Dei Fiori with the Autor of the book, Robert F. Zurel    


For those who wished to stay in Mantua, we recommend the BEST WESTERN HOTEL CRYSTALLO.

Via Cisa, 1-E - 46034 - Cerese di Virgilio (MN)
Phone: +39 0376 448391

Organizzazione Orlandelli presents the book of Robert F. Zurel