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Is online the video of Marco Orlandelli at the 2nd EUROPEAN HOME IMPROVEMENT FORUM 2012


Everything starts the day before the main event and there I realized immediately that in Paris, like in Wien last year and in Brussels the year before, the organizational structure of the two Associations EDRA and FEDIYMA that collects the most famous names of DIY and the main suppliers of Mass Retail, has worked excellently. Although the edition was dedicated to the European market, the number of registered people (payers!) was close to 500 unities and it’s a record! Surely the abettor was the beautiful location, the amusement park Disneyland Paris, perhaps the constant increase of interest in what a serious and efficient organization is able to put together, perhaps the treated arguments, the point is, that every year, the attendees to these events continue to increase. This gives me pause for reflection, on how the spirit of aggregation in a competitive environment like that of Mass Retail, can however find so important sharing moments, where with the effort of the group, the individual can however bring home vital information and indications for the future; these moments are very important for those who, like Managers or CEOs of important companies, have the difficult task of making decisions that will determine the positive or negative performance of their companies. Thanks also to these comparison analyses and of time spent together with colleagues from other countries, we can receive important inputs and understand the market trends. On this regard, the Floriculture field, and in particular that of Garden Centres was a topic of great interest and if only until last year this argument was treated at the margins of the Conference, in Paris the Garden Centre sector has been the argument of first order and not coincidentally, just the title "DIY Home & Garden Improvement" called back the attention to a sector that, whether one likes it or not, is going through a transition phase in which all exponents must decide whether to join it and be interpreters of change, or stand firm on their beliefs with the certainty, rather than a risk, of being overwhelmed by the market that’s changing.