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FlowerTrials 2017


FlowerTrials 2017
The most important international showcase for a Breeder, is certainly the Flower Trials in the Netherlands. Thanks to the few days of exceptional weather, the Flower Trials 2017 were a real success.  Operators from all around the world made stops in Holland to visit farms scheduled in the show itinerary, a kind of open doors for Breeders that show with highly professionalism, the result of researches. New varieties, with new colors, color combinations, shapes, different scents and plants more resistant to give the consumer a product more and more beautiful and durable.
Organizzazione Orlandelli was present at the Flower Trials and thanks to the cooperation and agreement with Syngenta, the world's leading breeders, we developed the concept "Your Garden Center": an exhibition idea on how to organize the retail space dedicated to potted plants and flowers, being it in a Garden Center, agricultural environment, in a shopping mall or a DIY Centre.  The initiative was very well acknowledged by visitors who have recognized how Syngenta, in both marketing and communication, manages to stand out in an increasingly competitive market. Having a full range of beautiful plants is not enough. The exhibition concept designed by Organizzazione Orlandelli, meant to enhance the characteristics of the plants and at the same time to "talk" to the consumer in an emotional way.