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Differences between DC trolley and CC trolley


Differences between DC trolley and CC trolley

In order to give a clear and direct indication of the type of trolleys used in the Floriculture sector, we invite our Customers to read this communication and share it with their commercial and logistic partners. We are certain that correct information will facilitate a quick and easy exchange.

The trade of plants and flowers is practically based on a single type of cart having measurements: mm 564 x 1350 x 1800 height (columns included).

These measures in turn unite two trolley circuits:
  • DC (stands for Danish Container)
  • CC (stands for Container Centralen)
The two circuits are clearly distinct.
Differences between DC trolley and CC trolley
The CC trolley is identified by the CC aluminum plate and CC Tag padlock. The originality of the CC padlock can be certified by special RFID code reading tools:
Differences between DC trolley and CC trolley
The DC trolley is identifiable in trolleys without plate and/or padlock, trolleys to which only the aluminum plate is applied and to any trolley to which the aluminum plate and/or red, black or previous padlock is applied.
We want to clarify because correct information helps all operators in the sector: Producers, Wholesalers, Merchants, Transporters, Garden Centers and Large-scale Distribution.

Especially in the high season, the lack of knowledge of the types of trolleys can give rise to misunderstandings between customers and suppliers regarding the types of trolleys in use. By correctly informing all parts of the supply chain and keeping the above in mind, it is possible to collaborate in serenity, knowingly agreeing on the type of trolley to be used.