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Danish Cabriolet trolley

The Cabriolet trolley for displaying plants and flowers is born from the Unistandard Danese trolley, ideal equipment for the design of nurseries, garden centers and flower and plants shop.
The uniqueness of Cabriolet trolley is the 5 stage tilt system that allows the most efficient display of flowers and plants in showrooms, shops, greenhouses and nurseries.

The Cabriolet trolley has a patented system for the stages of tilt, which allows you to easily open and close the display, in order to increase business efficiency and sales of trolley.
To improve the quality of plants and flowers on display, we recommend the use of Unistandard water trays on the shelves. This is because Unistandard water trays are designed and manufactured with special "greek" slits to optimize the irrigation of plants exposed.
This system, preventing the plants to come into direct contact with water, prevents the risk of root asphyxia.

The Cabriolet trolley is easily handling thanks to four-wheel trucks.

To complete the correct exposure in the store, Organizzazione Orlandelli recommends the use of the product Space saving bench to optimize the use of the exhibition and distribution of plants and flowers on display.