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Container for cut flowers
Container for cut flowers
Container for cut flowers
Container for cut flowers
Container for cut flowers
Container for cut flowers
Container for cut flowers

Container for cut flowers

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Container for cut flowers

For years, Organizzazione Orlandelli has been offering a highly appreciated and effective solution for the management of cut flowers: the container with wheels for stowing cut flowers inside the cold rooms and for displaying them in a practical way inside the store.

Very often there is a need for the storage of cut flowers (Chrysanthemums, Roses and Lillium among many). Thanks to this container with wheels, it is possible to better manage cut flowers, optimizing handling.

Our polyethylene tubs with wheels play a primary role throughout the cut flower supply chain, from post-harvest to storage, up to use in the store as an exhibitor. Due to their practicality, they are particularly suitable for wholesalers, cash & carry, producers, garden centers and shops.

Improve flower conservation

The main aspect to consider when talking about cut flowers is their fragility. To guarantee the flowers a good conservation and therefore a long life it is necessary to have special precautions. An excellent cold chain from post-harvest to the point of sale is not enough to keep the flower in an optimal state of conservation. This is because it is necessary to consider the manipulation that the flower undergoes every time it is touched to be exposed and to be put back in the cold room. These steps affect the state of conservation, reducing the life span of the flower.

The use of the container for cut flowers allows you to:
• Reduce the operator's direct contact with the cut flower, since the goods remain in the same container for both storage and sale, to the benefit of the life of the flower
• Reduce logistics times, avoiding the 'transfer' operations from the container for storage to that for display in the points of sale
• Reduce flower waste. By keeping the cut flower upright, the container for cut flowers allows for better ventilation, preserving the beauty of the flower and limiting decay.

How to choose the container for cut flowers

The choice of container for cut flowers should be evaluated based on the height of the stem of the flower you intend to display.


Container for cut flowers L 200
L 1,030 W 640 H 700 mm, internal height of the container H 400 mm
Weight: Kg. 18,50 - Volume: m³ 0,46

Container for cut flowers L 300
L 1,030 W 640 H 810 mm, internal height of the container H 520 mm
Weight: Kg. 22.50 - Volume: m³ 0.50

Container for cut flowers L 400
L 1,030 W 600 H 985 mm, internal height of the container H 720 mm
Weight: Kg. 26.00 - Volume: m³ 0.59


There is a wide range of dedicated accessories to allow a perfect arrangement of flowers / bouquets inside the container.

A - Hot-dip galvanized tank bottom grid
B - Grid above the basin type "n"
C - Rubber tank bottom grid
D - Blocks transversal flowers

* For the 400 L tank, only the rubber tank bottom grid (C) and the transversal flower lock (D) can be used.

Product details

Swivel rubber wheels Ø 125 mm, with wire guards and roller cage, drain cock.


• Container in PE-HD (high density polyethylene)
• Polypropylene wheels covered in Polyurethane with shielded ball bearing + PA6 (Nylon) thread guards. Fork in electrolytic galvanized pressed sheet metal with double bolted ball race. 2 free swivel wheels + 2 swivel wheels with brake.
• Chrome-plated drain + drain cock with ¾ ″ ball valve.
• Made in Italy product