Hexagonal, wood line AMOR
Hexagonal, wood line AMOR
Hexagonal, wood line AMOR
Hexagonal, wood line AMOR

Hexagonal, wood line AMOR

price each1,145.00
Set consisting of:

1 Wood Hexagonal bench 1040 x 1200 mm (H 350 mm)
1 Wood Hexagonal bench 1040 x 1200 mm (H 550 mm)
1 Wood Hexagonal bench 1040 x 1200 mm (H 750 mm)

Capillary mats included
1 Set
3 Sets
5 Sets
Order summary:
price each1,145.00
products total1,145.00
Order total1,174.00

The Hexagonal Display Set offer the possibility of optimizing the exhibition spaces, both from an aesthetic and functional point of view.
Inserted in environments such as garden centers, shops and spaces within the large-scale retail trade, the hexagonal set can be composed of 3 or 5 hexagonal pallets based on different heights and dimensions,
guaranteeing high practicality even to operators; the hexagonal pallets were in fact created with three different heights (350-550-750 mm) and a double pallet so as to be able to create display games even
in height, but above all for a correct exposure of all types of plants from the lowest to the highest one.

Advice for correct use:
The hexagonal set is suitable for displaying different types of plants. Positioned at the entrance of a sales point with exposed, for example, three different types of plants or the same plant
in three different colors with each hexagon a beautiful chromatic effect is achieved.

HEXAGONAL: Display Sets – Wood line AMOR
Organizzazione Orlandelli proposes the aluminum display sets, in a new variant made with wood bench. The sets of the AMOR line are composed of benches with wood profiles, available in two different colors, bleached wood and natural wood. The choice of this refined and elegant material gives brightness to your store, making it unique and original, memorable for customers.